“We believe in an active learning where students constantly interact in a friendly atmosphere”

iFn team

Who we are

We are native speakers, teachers and friends who have decided to found a French Language School based on an active learning and constant interaction because we believe that a foreign language should be spoken in the first place!

We are all qualified and experienced in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE), and our professional backgrounds include teaching in schools, well-known language organisations as well as working in marketing, hospitality or sales.

Our approach

We constantly encourage our students to speak French by putting into practice the language, and our credo is simply speak French, speak again, and speak more! 

We like when you feel that you have learnt something after each class or tuition, when you feel that you are gaining more confidence, and building up your French. So to achieve this, we believe that giving you more tools and resources will help you to learn more French, and maximise the time you spend in your French class or private tuition. This is exactly the purpose of our French online learning platform.

We know that learning French goes with learning its grammar, but this should not be painful. And although we are grammar obsessed, we always try to find the best methods for our students to learn the French grammar and vocabulary, effortless.

We love creating our own tools or searching for activities to enjoy learning French.  With us, you will no longer sound like an archaic phrasebook because we will teach you the authentic modern French.

French community

inFrench naturellement started to teach French in 2013 but the structure was different. A few years later, and new friends met along the way, it is time to take a new step in this incredible journey with the French Language School in Brighton.


We like meeting people, collaborating with others or working with new partners. So if you think that we can make great things together around the French language or the « francophone » cultures,  contact us!