Boost your French with two hours of Intensive French courses

We recommend to join an evening/Saturday French class if you want to speed up your learning. These two-hour General French courses are the best choice to greatly improve your French either for travelling or communicating with people.  In a cosy and friendly atmosphere, we offer evening/Saturday French courses, every term, from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate level.

These 10-week courses are tailored as a progressive learning programme where every 2-hour class will consolidate your progress. Besides, the small size of our French classes (8 students maximum) is ideal to provide you with an optimal amount of speaking time and personal attention.

Book your General French course now!

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Book your General French course now!

 Did not find a class for you?

If your learning level and preferred time is not shown on the timetable, please contact us with the class you think is suitable for you and your availability. Additional classes can be arranged in order to accommodate the higher demand to learn French.

find-a-classAlternatively, you can start to learn French in a French private lesson with one of our tutor.


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