French workshop classes

Improve your French with no stress!

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From August to September, our 8-week evening French classes will have a different taste: no course book, no deep grammar, no stress, just the pleasure of speaking French!

With workshops, activities, games, and debates you will greatly improve your French and your confidence!

So, put down your books and jump into the class where you only have to participate and speak French for 2 hours! We can guarantee you that you will learn something new and different each week in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

What we offer:

– Thursday 7pm-9pm / French Beginner class: this class is suitable for students who have achieved a beginner level (A1) or with little French. While revising your basic French you will get more familiar with the language and strengthen your confidence!

– Tuesday 7pm-9pm / French Elementary class: ideal for students with a good understanding of French (A2). Throughout our activities, we will prepare your next move: appropriate the language to express your opinions in short debates.

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Minimum booking: 6 weeks
Price: £11 per hour – 16 hours