Our philosophy with our online learning platform

At inFrench naturellement ! we share the same views about teaching French. We feel rewarded when our students leave our class or private tuition satisfied, when they gain confidence in their speaking, when they build week after week their knowledge of the language.

We also feel grateful for living in a time where learning a language has never been as easy as it is nowadays. Numerous resources are everywhere to learn a language, especially on the Internet, which is great. Many of our students have started to learn French by using websites about the French language.

We believe that if we give you the right tools and resources to learn more French, to enjoy your learning with online exercises and games, to progress at your own pace, you will gently improve your French, and then get the most of every French class or tuition. Because what we love above all is when our students SPEAK FRENCH!

What will you find on our French online learning platform?

Our French online learning platform is the right place to interact with other students and find more materials to learn more French: audios, videos, tests, games are specially designed for working on your listening, reading, writing, and pronunciation.

We want to make it accessible to all, therefore it is for free when you are in a French class, you can enjoy an unlimited access to the platform and start to speed up your French!

Our French online learning platform is for free when taking a private lesson (face-to-face or Skype lessons).