“Learning a foreign language should be like opening a new window in your life…”

iFn team

Learn French in Brighton

Welcome to inFrench naturellement  the French Language School based in Brighton, on the South Coast of the UK, founded by teachers who have been helping many students or individuals to be successful in learning French. We are specialised in teaching French in small groups and private lessons from beginner to advanced level.

« Come and get to know us in a class or in a private tuition! »

Why choose our French Language School?

We are native speakers, qualified, experienced, and effective. We offer an immersive teaching designed to unlock your speaking with creative tools. We are also flexible and affordable!

We are effective

We are native speakers, experienced in teaching French as a foreign language. Whether you have little French or a good knowledge, and you are planning a trip, taking an exam, improving your career, preparing to meet your in-laws or just willing to meet new people, we teach you how to speak authentic modern French in real situations so that you quickly gain confidence.

We are immersive

We understand that you wish to speak French, this is why immersion begins in the classroom or when you first meet your tutor. We teach in French, the material that we use is also in French because we believe this is the best way for you to put the language into practice, and build, week after week, your knowledge of using the French language.

We are creative

We know the benefit of learning a foreign language like French in a friendly atmosphere, so we have chosen a comprehensive method in which various activities and role plays are designed to help you develop reflexes when speaking French.

We are social

Our French online learning platform is the right place to interact with other students and find more materials to learn more French: audios, videos, tests, games specially designed for our students.